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Production process

Production process starts by soaking the beans in the water to make them softer and to make them swell and absorb water. The process continues in the machine in which the beans are crushed and ground into very fine slurry and subsequently cooked for specific time duration and at specific temperature.
The next step requires separation of the liquid from the fiber called okara in order to obtain the soy milk base.
Last step of the production process involves formulation of each flavored beverage. You will find only natural products such as see salt, organic raw cane sugar and/or fructose, organic carob powder, organic vanilla extract, cardamom in our beverages. What you will not find in our products is artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, thickeners, colorings, preservatives, etc.

SOYKA beverages are carefully pasteurized to ensure that all the nutritious properties of the beverage are preserved. Beverages are then filled into 0.5 l and 1.0 l bottles and are delivered to customers using our refrigerated vans with SOYKA logo.